Points to Remember

First and foremost…Agility is fun for both dogs and handlers

  1. Feeding:

    It is preferred NOT to feed your dog before agility (or any exercise). If you must feed do it atleast (minimum) 2-3 hrs beforehand. After exercise wait at least 1hr to offer food.

  2. Water:

    Make sure you have fresh water and bowl. Do not let your dog drink copious amounts of water before or directly after exercising. Offer only a small drink just enough to wet his/her tongue during training. When the dog is breathing at a normal rate should you offer extra water or food.


    Collars, Leads and Stakes:

    1. Fixed collars are used during Agility, NO CORRECTION COLLARS as they can give an unnecessary correction but more importantly can be dangerous if caught on the equipment.
    2. Using a 2m dog lead will give you more flexibility over most obstacles. We have longer leads which can be purchased from the Club.
    3. Dog Stakes are useful as you will need to ‘tether’ your dog while setting up and taking down the equipment. Please allow suitable distance between tethered dogs, as they can be protective of their area.



    Basic Notes:

    1. Agility is a fun sport for dogs, therefore, we prefer that no corrections are used. If the dog doesn’t get it ‘right’, it’s probably because we haven’t taught it properly, therefore, repeat the exercise in a positive and happy manner. Please, do not get upset with your dog if he/she doesn’t pick it up as quickly as the next dog, they are all different, ie breed wise, different capabilities, their natural instincts, etc.
    2. To differentiate between obedience and agility, you can use words like ‘close’ instead of ‘heel’. Start getting use to words for asking your dog to work, ie to ‘back up’, ‘left/right’, ‘in/out’, ‘over/through’ are just some.
    3. Bring some reward food and toy for your dog. It is best to use soft nibbles instead of dry biscuits or the like. Cooked liver or cheese is an inexpensive reward and the amount shouldn’t interfere with its daily food consumption as only a tiny little bit is used.
    4. PRAISE: This is one of the most important aspects of agility. Don’t hold back with this, it’s FREE!!!!
    5. Bitches that come into ‘season’ cannot come to training.
    6. If your dog shows any signs of illness, do not come to training. Seek Veterinary advice if you’re unsure.
    7. Beginners: please do not use any equipment unless supervised by an instructor.

    Team Work:For a club to run smoothly it usually requires ‘team work’, and even more so with Agility because of the necessity to set-up and dismantle equipment. This job can’t be left to just a few people. It is expected that ALL will arrive on time and help with this chore. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy yourselves as much as we have over the past years.