Beginning to Trial

Step One Getting Started

Step Two Trial Entries

Step Three Big Day Check List

Step Four On Arrival

Step Five Show Time

Step Six Have Fun


Getting Started

  1. Log on to Canine Association of W.A. (Inc) (Dogs West).
  2. Registration papers (these forms are in pdf format and may be filled in online before printing, or may be printed as blank forms):
  3. Once you receive your membership card you need to get dog measured.

Trial Entries

  1. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or cradit card and must be included with entry form;
  2. Complete a ‘Show Entry’ form;
  3. Remember to put jump height on entry form. ie 300 / 400;
  4. Each time you enter a class, a separate entry form must be provided; and
  5. Don’t forget to sign the entry form.

Check list for the big day

  1. Remember the dog! (Yes I have known someone to forget);
  2. Flat Collar with no tags;
  3. Safety pin or number holder;
  4. Treats for you including caffeine for night trials as they are known to run late, i.e. 1030 – 1100 (there’s normally a sausage sizzle if you forget), and your mate;
  5. Water bowl and water (if you forget there are taps at most grounds);
  6. Crate or stake to make sure nobody runs away; and
  7. Pen to write down which number correlates with which event.

Note: there’s very little in the way of shade or shelter at most grounds.

On Arrival

  1. Get there 30 minutes before vetting: this gives you time to find the toilets and your mate time to have a wander and sniff;
  2. Collect numbers…just head for the crowd;
  3. Vetting: for the girls only. They get their bottoms wiped with a bit of loo roll to check they’re not in season;
  4. Figure out which ring you’re in and walk the course when given the all clear;
  5. Don’t take any food or drinks into the ring when walking the course (they are worried you’ll drop some); and
  6. Introductions to judges are announced and they expect everybody to be there. Judges will introduce themselves and give time and length of course to whole group, prior to start of trial.

Show Time

  1. Check the running order and make sure you’re close to ring entry. The steward will call out your number and let you know how many dogs are in front of you;
  2. Don’t take any food or toys near the entry of the ring. You’ll be penalised at best, or disqualified at worst;
  3. Someone will take your lead from you and place in basket near the exit;
  4. Judge will ask you if you’re ready. Once you’ve said “yes” don’t touch your dog or you’ll be disqualified;
  5. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; keep going and have fun;
  6. If you have a refusal, have one more go before skipping that item and keep going; and
  7. Make sure your dog is back on the lead prior to leaving the ring or you’ll be penalised.

Have Fun

  1. Your dog will do nothing that the judges haven’t seen or experienced before.
  2. Check out:

For more information see the CAWA (Dogs West) website.